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Our Regathering Plan

Our goal in Regathering is to safely regather according to the biblical principle of loving our neighbor and the classic, Methodist maxim, "do no harm."  Our Regathering Plan covers the whole scope of the church's ministry as well as specific details about worship across 5 phases.  If at any time it becomes unsafe for us or our neighbors, we'll simply back up a phase or two until it's safe to move forward again.  You can read the details of the plan passed by our church council on Sunday, May 31st.  

Regathering Plan Information

Master Ministry Regathering Plan

Worship Regathering Plan

Sanctuary & Social Hall Seating Map

Serve on a Sunday Morning Hospitality Team!  

We need your help!  We're looking for members to serve 2 or more Sundays per month for roughly 2.5 hours to set up our worship spaces, assist worshippers, and sanitize our worship spaces between services.  Please contact Pastor Jim to sign up!